Nixeus Reveals EDG 27″ 4K Freesync 144Hz Gaming Monitor With DSC!

CES is all about bringing the latest and greatest and that's what Nixeus is looking to do with the NX-EDG274K. The Nixeus EDG274K is utilizing the latest display panel technology, the Nixeus EDG 27” natively supports 3840x2160 144Hz with a single DisplayPort 1.4 cable connection thanks to being one of the first publicly available monitors to support DSC support available on newer graphics cards.

The Nixeus EDG 27” IPS 3840x2160 144Hz Gaming Monitor is AMD Radeon FreeSync Certified with a variable refresh rate range of 48Hz to 144Hz making it extremely wide and supporting Low Framerate Compensation support for when you drop below the 48Hz mark to keep things smooth. The NX-EDG274K is their premium gaming monitor that is able to support a display resolution of 3840x2160 with a native 144Hz refresh rate over a single DisplayPort 1.4 connection with VESA Display Stream Compression technology.

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Nixeus NX-EDG274K 4K 144Hz And DSC Support For A Reasonable Price

One of the other features that the NX-EDG274K has is Full Over-Drive Control as well as Variable Overdrive working on Radeon cards as well as Turing since they were demoing it functioning on a GeForce RTX card (either a 2060/SUPER or 2070, could see it but didn't take note of specific model). This resulted in an unbelievable, and nearly imperceptible, level of ghosting for an AHVA panel.

Features include:

  • 27″ IPS Type (AHVA) Gaming Grade LED Backlight Display
  • Native Resolution: 3840 x 2160 UHD
  • Native Refresh Rate: 144Hz, AMD Radeon FreeSync™ Certified Range for 48Hz – 144Hz (DisplayPort 1.4 input with DSC)
  • Brightness: 350 cd/m2 (Typical), Up to 400 cd/m2
  • Response Time: 4ms (Gray to Gray)
  • Height Adjustable Stand with Tilt, Pivot, and Swivel
  • 3 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Something to takeaway with folks out there concerned about the level of power it takes to drive 4K at 144Hz I present a slightly different perspective with the pickup and support for Integer Scaling in Turing and all GCN and RDNA graphics cards, 1080p on a 4K panel is crisp as can be when scaled up that way.  This could allow someone who needs the high PPI density that you get with a 27" 4K panel along with the fluidity that 144Hz brings to the desktop and workflow, but you could easily get away with something like an RX 5500 XT or GTX 1650 SUPER for gaming at 1080p on it.  Something to consider in my opinion as driving 4K gaming is still no walk in the park.


Nixeus also got to show off something special they've been working on in the background that is on its way, at some point. It doesn't have a name yet and due to the slightly odd 43.4" size, it makes their current naming scheme a bit tricky so we'll go with the NX-EDG43.

The NX-EDG43 is a 43.4" Ultrawide panel with a resolution of 3840x1200 making it a dual wide 16:10 panel. The additional vertical pixels make it much more useful for a workflow perspective than something with only a 1080p height, but its overall pixel count of 4.6m pixels makes it a little easier to drive than a 21:9 3440x1440's 5m pixels

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The NX-EDG43 also supports a Variable Refresh Rate of 48-120 over Display Port, it also features 3xHDMI ports where 2 are HDMI 1.4 while the other is HDMI 2.0, but will require the DP connection for the 120Hz VRR.


Pricing and Availability

The Nixeus NX-EDG274K will be available on Newegg and Amazon in Q1 2020.

The Nixeus NX-EDG43* has not been given a release window yet.

Pricing on both is targeted at sub-$1,000USD market making the NX-EDG274K an exceptionally competitive contender for those wanting a High Refresh Rate 4K monitor.

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