Nioh 2 New Co-Op Mechanics Detailed; Avatar Creation Confirmed


Nioh 2 will come complete with multiplayer features, like its predecessor, but they have been expanded considerably, as detailed today.

During a livestream aired today, it has been confirmed that while playing online co-op, the total number of enemies in any given mission will be increased. Additionally, all players taking part in the mission will have their own loot, will be able to access the shrine separately. A new co-op gauge has also been detailed, which will allow players to revive the other players. Once the gauge has been depleted, however, it will no longer possible to bring back anyone.

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Avatar creation has also been confirmed today. it will allow players to change the looks for each separate Yokai Shift mode.

Nioh 2 will be set before the events of the original game, featuring the same mix of Warring States period historical figures and fictional elements of the first entry in the series. The game is also expanding the experience of its predecessor with new mechanics, revamped UI and much more.

It is the Warring States period in Japan. The year is 1555. Never-ending warfare has transformed the nation into a land of chaos infested by demonic yokai, evil spirits who feed upon their victims. It is in this setting of relentless mayhem that we meet our protagonist, a rogue mercenary hunting down yokai in the Mino Province. This demon hunter hides a terrible secret: they are a half-breed, the orphan offspring of both human and yokai blood. Unable to find a place amongst mankind, our demon hunter journeys alone.

Nioh 2 releases on PlayStation 4 on March 13th.