Nioh 2 1.08 Update Buffs Several Yokai Skills, Weapons and More


[Update] English update notes for the Nioh 2 1.08 update are now available. You can find them below.

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[Original Story] A new Nioh 2 update is now live worldwide, introducing some balancing tweaks as well as fixes and more.

The 1.08 update introduces changes to several Yokai Skills and weapons, making them more effective, as well as to the Dojo Training Room, scaling enemy level to that of the player, increased Soul Core drop rate for select enemies like Mini-bozu, Toxic Slime, Oni-bi, Karakasa, Flying Bolt. Yokai also will no longer buffs and debuffs in Dark Realm transitions.

Full English update notes have yet to be released. You can find the Japanese notes on the game's Official Website and an English summary of the changes introduced by the new update below, courtesy of Reddit user Wisteriafield.

  • (training room) Dojo enemies scale to story progression now

  • Yaksha Ichimonji is True and Through, got a buff

  • Triple Threat just frame window increased, increased damage

  • Bracing Breeze easier to follow up (I noticed the timing would always let cpus roll like like when you get parried yourself vs Toshiie)

  • Mini-bozu, Toxic Slime, Oni-bi, Karakasa, Flying Bolt soul cores got a drop rate increase across the board

  • Magatsu Warrior reduced recovery frames and higher power

  • Awakening, Onmyo mystic art has better cast speed increase for buffs now

  • Enemies don't seem to lose buffs/debuffs in dark realm transitions anymore (translation seems to add the caveat that they have to be at zero ki for this condition but I don't know)

  • and more, didn't translate all and some other people got some other things (yatsu no kami, otakemaru, one-eyed oni, karakasa nerf)

The previous Nioh 2 update, update 1.07, tweaked the difficulty of several sub-missions, which were more difficult than main missions. Several enemies also got nerfed to make the experience fairer.

Nioh 2 is now available on PlayStation 4 worldwide. The game is a more than worthy sequel to the original game, introducing new gameplay tweaks that make the experience more enjoyable than ever.

When looking back at how ambitious the first Nioh was, playing through Nioh 2 feels like a more polished experience, offering new tools to play with and enemies to slay. This could be the start of a brand new samurai Souls series and I would be all for it. If you loved the first Nioh, there's more than enough reason to pick up a katana and embrace your inner yokai.