Nioh 2 1.07 Update Tweaks Several Sub-Missions Difficulty and More


A new Nioh 2 update is now live, introducing some difficulty tweaks and bug fixes.

The 1.07 update adjusts the difficulty of several sub-missions. Some of these missions could be even more difficult than the main story missions, so the difficulty tweaks are very welcome.

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Adjusted the mission difficulty of the following sub-missions:

  • A Favori for the Blacksmith
  • The Greedy Hunter
  • The Sunomata Yokai Hunter
  • The Viper and the Butterfly
  • The Brothers' Blades
  • The Burning Sky
  • Scattered Fragments
  • Calling on the Fire God
  • The Dream's End

The Nioh 2 1.07 update also introduces additional difficulty tweaks, reducing the power of the attacks of several non-bosses enemies. The update also brings an increased drop rate for Smithing Text and The Art of Combat and more.

  • Weakened the attacks of some non-boss enemies. Previously, though the player could be above the recommended level some enemies would kill the player in one hit.
  • Weakened some attacks of Shibata Katsuie that are especially difficult to dodge.
  • Buffed the drop rate of Smithing Text and The Art of Combat.
  • Added "Difficulty" to the search condition of Random Encounters.
  • Added the "Accessories" tab to the "Tempering" menu.
  • Added a feature to initialize settings in the HDR settings

The Nioh 1.07 update also brings several bug fixes. You can find the full list of changes on Team Ninja's Official Twitter profile.

Nioh 2 is now available on PlayStation 4 worldwide.