Nintendo’s Project Cafe to be called “Stream”, Technical Details Revealed

IGN just posted tons of new details of Nintendo's Upcoming Project Cafe (Wii HD) which include system's estimated pricing, release, console design, processing architecture, and name. Nintendo's going to name the new console "Stream", The name isn't final yet and could be called something else on release.

The pricing estimates of the console show that it would range in between $350 and $400 price depending on manufacturing costs and would be shipped from Taiwanese manufacturer, Foxconn. Shipping will take place in October which makes the possibility of retail availability by Mid- October/November. Nintendo can also opt to ship it by Early 2012 by when it would have seized a larger supply of the console, Also gaining more time for software and game development.

The technical specs of the console have also been revealed which show that it would use a revised version of AMD's R700 GPU architecture instead of AMD's Fusion chip as rumored earlier. The new graphics processor would out perform PS3's Nvidia 7800GTX GPU. The CPU would be custom-built triple-core IBM PowerPC processor like the Xbox but would come with faster clock speeds. The console will be able to support 1080P output and early reports show that 3D Stereoscopic support would also be available.

The console will measure similar to a Xbox 360 and will look like a mordernized version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The console will use controllers with embedded touch screens for easier navigation.

You can check out more details on the IGN link here.

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