Nintendo Wii U: New Mario Bros At E3

Daniyal Ahmad

Nintendo has confirmed that it will be a possible new Super Mario Bros title for Wii U,  Miyamoto will make a worldwide reveal at E3 this year in June. A spanish newspaper El Mundo interviewed the creator of Mario and an Icon in gaming industry "Shigeru Miyamoto" in Paris on his 3DS promotional tour confirming a new Mario title at E3.

During the interview "Shigeru Miyamoto" claimed which was later roughly translated:

 "anticipates that at E3, the largest exhibition of video games, held in June in Los Angeles, Nintendo will launch a new Super Mario for this platform, which will combine the TV screen with the remote"

Not talking much about one of the much anticipated reveal, he addressed the reporters that:

"I'm working on several projects but I think that I cannot talk about them all. Some are small but important projects for Wii U. Also on a new Pikmin, which will take advantage of the new HD screen resolution, and on Luigi's Mansion for 3DS."

"Shigeru Miyamoto"  shared his thoughts about the idea behind Wii Music. Disappointed in the reception he said that:

"It is always sad when something does not sell as well as expected"

Miyamoto revealed that he is still looking for something new for an idea in it, and said if something does not go as planned,

 "Nintendo usually try to work the best idea or at least take it up and concretize it from an angle different for use in another title." 

As last year "Super Mario bros Mii" was demonstrated alongside the console, but Nintendo was keen to stress it was just a demonstration of what's possible for it, and didn't confirm it was a game in active development. Well Miyamoto likes to play with the potential idea's, lets see if this turns out to be the Wii U launch title.

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