Nintendo Wii 2 “Stream” Touch Screen and HD Controllers Leaked

New leaks have surfaced at NeoGAF which detail Nintendo's upcoming Wii 2 " Stream" Codenamed Project Cafe. The leaks include detailed images of the console itself along with HD and Touch Sense  controllers which will be available with the console. The controllers would be able to display 1080P HD content directly to  an integrated color touchscreen. Pictures of the Nintendo Wii HD/2 have also been displayed in the leak which show the console similar to an Xbox 360 in terms of size and pretty much a modernized version of the SNES console.

Here's what the images say:

Screen Stream will take the 1080p display the new high-definition Stream is capable of, and split the four individual views of multiplayer games, squirting one to each player’s controller. The TV can then show different camera angles or even be turned off completely. There’s also the possibility of “Virtual Console Games” similar to the tiny titles playable on SEGA’s DreamCast controllers.

Other than that, Technical specs of the console were also revealed a day earlier which you can check out here. In short the console would use a IBM Tri Core CPU (Same as Xbox 360) but will feature faster clock speeds and a revamped version of AMD's R700 GPU would be use which is expected to be much faster than the PS3's Geforce 7800GTX.

The console is expected to launch by Late 2011, Nintendo can also opt to launch it by 2012 giving Developers enough time to focus on Gaming content for the console. Its price range is expected to be in the 350 - 400$ Range.


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