Nintendo Troubled With Wii U – Trying Hard To Increase The Demand

Fahad Arif

It has almost been a year since Nintendo released Wii U, the company’s eight-generation gaming console. Nintendo entered into next-gen gaming with Wii U before any other manufacturer. But the question is, will Wii U be able to keep up with its rivals i.e. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in next-gen race or will it again face tons of various adversities and problems such as lack of game titles, poor graphics, less number of targeted audience, low sales, less developers attention and etc.

Nintendo Wii U

Almost One Year Gone – Nintendo Wii U Does Not Grow As Expected

Nintendo has been on a rough road because of some obvious reasons since the release of Wii U in last November. Lack of content on the release date was a major issue which caused a lot of trouble in the market, the company’s head, Satora Iwata even publicly apologized for this issue. The condition only got worse when Sony and Microsoft revealed their next-gen home consoles, which are clearly much powerful than Wii U in almost all terms. Of course Wii U also has fairly low specifications compared to PlayStation 4 and Xbox one, it also lacks some prominent next-gen features.

Wii U vs. PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

Initially Wii U offered graphics that were easily comparable to Xbox 360 and PS3, both of which are seventh generation consoles and are in the market from many years. Nintendo introduced Wii as its seventh generation console, competent to Xbox 360 and PS3, but honestly, it was just competing with PS2. However, it sold quite well with time. Why? Because it was an all new innovation of Nintendo which had attracted a large number of not just gamers but also non-gamers because of its standalone characteristics, although the Wii’s graphics were terrible, it still managed to make place among Xbox 360 and PS3. Now just like Wii, the main selling point of Wii U is also its unique infrastructure and controls or else, it cannot accurately stand beside Xbox One and

PlayStation 4. The second screen concept that Nintendo introduced with Wii U gamepad was also not a bad idea but again the screen is resistive and difficult to use during gameplay, this and several other problems cause the decrease in the sales of Wii U with time. Nintendo thought it could once again over come the market just by modifying the idea of Wii, that’s what it did but the results show that Nintendo is not gaining much this time.

Thinking about the problems may show that the main defect lies in the release date of the console. Nintendo’s haste in releasing the console cost it a lot. Nintendo Should have waited. It should have worked more on the specifications of the console and content that was going to be released on day one. Makes no sense to release a console early that is still incomplete.

$50 Price Cut Helped Nintendo A Lot

Nintendo could apparently not manage to proceed with its innovation; it got stuck in its own created scenario. In all these critical circumstances Nintendo decided to announce a $50 price cut on Wii U, this was indeed a good act. Sales of the Wii U video game console went over 200 percent in the US in September compared to August's figures. Also the console's UK sales jumped 685 percent in early October mainly because of the release of “The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Walker HD”. Looking at the stats, Nintendo has confirmed three new Wii U console bundles for UK and Europe, guess Nintendo badly wants the sales to keep getting better and it has no option other than announcing new games or cheap bundles.

This could be a plus point for Nintendo, which has been working a lot to improve the sales of Wii U video game console. Also Nintendo Seems like availing the best from the situation. Several games that will be released in 2014, are excepted to keep the Sales of Wii U balanced, games include Super Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost World, Wii Fit U, and Wii Party U. Competing with next-gen consoles would be very difficult for Wii U but if Nintendo keeps on providing some unique games and features, then Wii U would possibly maintain good sales in the market.


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