Nintendo Switch Prices Won’t Be Increased for the Moment, but Company Will Continue to Monitor the Situation

Francesco De Meo
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch prices will not be increased in the near future, but the Japanese company may consider the option in the future, depending on the situation.

As reported by Bloomberg's Takahashi Mochizuki, during its quarterly earnings report, Nintendo has been asked about a possible price increase for their massively successful console, which has now sold 114.44 million units worldwide. The Japanese company will not increase the Switch's price for the time being but will continue monitoring the situation and carefully consider if they need to take the option.

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Increasing the price of hardware that is far into its lifecycle would be unprecedented, but given the economic situation, with high inflation in large parts of the world, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Japanese company go down this path and increase the price of its Nintendo Switch console. As Takashi Mochizuki noted, it would also be a departure from an old stance of the company, as it has always avoided increasing the prices of released products.

The Nintendo Switch console isn't the only gaming hardware that may get a price increase in the future. Last month, Xbox's head Phil Spencer commented on the possibility of both the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass getting a price hike, saying that at some point they will have to increase the price of certain things. On the other hand, Sony already took action, as the price of the PlayStation 5 console increased in certain regions back in September. With the economic situation not looking particularly bright, it seems like gaming is about to become a more expensive hobby for players worldwide.

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