Nintendo Switch Online Service To Be Priced At Around $30 Yearly


The Nintendo Switch, the new console launching in one month in all regions, will be the first Nintendo console which will require a paid subscription to enjoy most of the online services, such as multiplayer and more. Many have been wondering how much the subscription will cost, and today Nintendo's President Tatsumi Kimishima provided more information on the matter.

In a fresh interview with Nikkei, Kimishima revealed that the Nintendo Switch online service subscription will cost from 2,000 to 3,000 yen, $17.60 to $26.40, which is a much lower price than the competition.

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In the same interview, Kimishima also talked about adding virtual reality functionality to the Nintendo Switch.

If we are able to resolve the issues with playing [VR] comfortably for long hours, we will support it in one form or another.

Earlier today, Kimishima also touched upon the Nintendo Switch titles currently in development, confirming that the number is up since the announcement made last month during the Switch presentation.

After the presentation on January 13, we have continued to receive requests from more and more software publishers who want to develop games for the system. At the presentation, we announced that there were over 80 titles in development from more than 50 software publishers, but that number has now climbed to over 100 titles from more than 70 publishers. Please look forward to more announcements about the software lineup in the future.

The Nintendo Switch launches in all regions on March 3rd.