Nintendo Is Thinking About Expanding NES Nintendo Switch Online Software Lineup

Nintendo Switch

Last year, Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch Online service which granted access to online services like multiplayer, cloud saves and a library of NES titles which gets expanded every month with new titles. Evidence of the service expanding beyond NES titles has been found in the past, and it seems like Nintendo has somewhat confirmed that the service will indeed be expanded.

During yesterday's shareholders' meeting, it's been confirmed that Nintendo is thinking about expanding the NES software lineup on the online service. It's also been added that no information about the release of classic hardware like the NES and SNES Mini can be shared at the time.

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About N64 and GameCube software. What will come of your legacy release strategy? Can we expect the expansion of the Switch online service? The GameCube had Kirby’s Air Ride and other famous titles. (Kirby comments continued, cut here for brevity. Same last year and before.)

While I can’t give any new information about further classic hardware etc. here, we are thinking about expanding the NES software lineup on the online service and other ways of providing them. We understand your desire to play past products.

Yesterday's meeting also brought some interesting news regarding the rumored Nintendo Switch Mini. The Japanese company acknowledged the rumors but avoided commenting as it would ruin any potential surprise and lower profits.

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