Nintendo Switch OLED Dock Features Chip Capable of 4K Output


The Nintendo Switch OLED dock features a chip that is capable of outputting at 4K resolution.

Twitter user @KawlunDram recently opened up the new dock and discovered that the DP2HDMI chip is an RTD2172N KBDQH1 chip that is capable of outputting at 4K resolution.

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This, by itself, doesn't mean a whole lot for the Nintendo Switch OLED and its dock, but it does confirm that Nintendo has, at very least, upgraded the dock's hardware, possibly to future-proof it for an upcoming Switch revision. Additionally, the new dock does have a new firmware upgrade function that the original lack, suggesting that additional features could be added down the line, ìlike the 4K resolution output the chip is capable of.

Additional pictures of the dockboard can be checked out below.

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The Nintendo Switch OLED dock also comes with an HDMI 2.0 port, which is required for 4K resolution output, and an HDMI cable capable of handling 4K, 60 FPS with HDR, so it looks more and more likely that the Japanese company is finally gearing up to offer a 4K resolution output with its console. When this will happen, however, remains to be seen.

The Nintendo Switch OLED is now available worldwide. Learn more about the console's latest revision by checking out Rosh's review.

Whether you upgrade to the Nintendo Switch OLED is up to you. The OLED model is the best version to experience the console’s games if you’ve been holding out getting a Switch until now. It’s a fantastic screen that improves everything Nintendo wants to do with art direction and style. Its new stand and metallic feel make it feel valuable. But if you already own a Switch, it’s up to you whether replaying the games you own on a better screen is worth it.