Nintendo Starts Offering Cheaper Stripped-Down Switch Bundles in Japan


When the Nintendo Switch launched last year, the marketing focus was very much on versatility and, as such, the system is bundled with various doodads (the charging dock, Joy-Con grip, ect.) to make different styles of play possible. The focus on different types of play has already started to fade somewhat, as it tuns out most Switch owners tend to choose one mode they prefer – they either treat it like Nintendo’s next handheld, or, alternatively, leave it in its dock full time and never take it anywhere. Maybe it’s about time for new Switch bundles for specific types of Switch players?

Well, that’s precisely what’s happening in Japan. Nintendo is offering a new stripped-down Switch bundle that omits the dock, Joy-Con grip, HDMI cable, and AV adaptor. It’s pretty clear this bundle is aimed at people who want to use the Switch strictly as a handheld, or perhaps are buying a second unit to compliment a Switch that mostly stays connected to the TV. The removal of all the extra bits and bobs results in a nice discount – the stripped-down bundle costs ¥24,980, or around $225.

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Nintendo hasn’t announced this Switch bundle for anywhere outside of Japan just yet, but I have a feeling Western territories will get it sooner or later. The Switch’s momentum has slowed slightly in 2018, and a slimmed down bundle “price cut” may be just the thing to heat things up again. Nintendo has also said they envision a future where everybody in the household has their own Switch, so this bundle definitely makes sense in that context.

What do you think? Would you buy this stripped-down Nintendo Switch bundle if it was offered in North America/Europe? What other types of bundles would you like to see? Perhaps a deluxe model with more storage and a Pro controller?