Nintendo Switch Lite Will Support Docking; Pro Model May Feature Improved Image Rendering And More

Switch System Update 10.0.3

Nintendo is working on new Nintendo Switch models, according to rumors, but very little is currently known about them. One of the models is apparently a cheaper, portable-only model, but it seems like things are a little different in this regard.

Japanese publication Nikkei, as reported by Nintendo Life, has revealed some new details on the Nintendo Switch Lite model. While it's true that Nintendo is focusing on the console's portability, it seems like this new model will still support docking. This Switch model is apparently releasing this Fall.

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Nikkei also revealed some new details on the upcoming high-end, more powerful Nintendo Switch model. According to the publication, Nintendo is currently experimenting on a number of different things for the device, including image rendering and operating system improvements.

Beyond the smaller, budget-focused model lies the development of the overhauled next-generation model intended to replace the one currently available. Nintendo is believed to be experimenting on a number of different things for the device, including usability, improved image rendering, and changes to the operating system, among other things. One development source contends, however, that it still remains unclear at this stage who at the company will end up taking the lead on conceptual development for the new console.

Judging from this new info, Nintendo still seems undecided on what to do with the Pro model. As things are apparently still undecided, it's unlikely that it will be released this Fall alongside the Lite model.

While all these new details come from a reputable source, we must still take them with a grain of salt. We will keep you updated on the matter as soon as possible, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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