Nintendo Switch Dockless Bundle Will Not Be Released In The West


Last week, Nintendo confirmed that a Nintendo Switch dockless bundle will soon be released in Japan. Unfortunately, it seems like it will not be released in the West anytime soon.

The Japanese company recently confirmed to US Gamer that the Nintendo Switch dockless bundle will not release in the West. This is definitely an unexpected decision, considering how Nintendo is aiming to sell more than a single Switch console per house.

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There may also be another reason behind this decision. The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles ever released, with sales reaching 17 million last month, so Nintendo is simply going to continue offering the console's current, and more expensive, bundle as long as demand remains high. Which will probably be for some time, considering titles releasing in the near future.

Consumers have been very receptive to the new concept introduced by Nintendo Switch as a home gaming system that they can take with them to play anytime, anywhere, with anyone, which helped it maintain its favorable momentum during this fiscal year. Looking ahead, we plan to leverage this momentum to reach an even broader range of consumers and expand the installed base of the hardware.

The Nintendo Switch is now available in all regions.