Nintendo Switch Current Version Is The Company’s Main Focus, Reggie Says


Console hardware revisions are nothing new in the industry, with pretty much all manufacturers releasing new versions of their consoles over the years. Rumors from the past few months suggest that Nintendo is about to release a Nintendo Switch hardware revision in the near future, but it seems like this isn't the case.

Speaking with Forbes, Nintendo of America's president Reggie Fils-Aimé talked about how the current Nintendo Switch version is the company's main focus. He admitted that manufacturers do release revisions, Nintendo included, but that happens a bit later in the life cycle, so we won't be seeing a Switch revision anytime soon.

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Right now, as we go into our second holiday, my focus is making sure the current grey and neon Switch continue to have momentum in the market place. You saw systems, whether it’s our own or competitive home console systems, utilize that tactic a bit later in the life cycle. So right now, the current execution of Nintendo Switch with the Joy-Con and all of the capabilities, that’s our focus right now.

The Nintendo Switch hardware revision rumors started circulating a couple of months ago following a report published on the Wall Street Journal. According to this report, the revised console will sport an improved LCD display. The console will be more energy efficient as well.

The Nintendo Switch console is now available in all regions.