Nintendo Will Ship More SNES Units in the US Today Than It Did for NES in 2016

Rajesh Vishwakarma
SNES Classic Mini

Today is a big day for fans of retro gaming, as the SNES Classic Edition will make its debut in the Western Continent.

Despite the high demand for the product, which sold out in many parts of the world in a matter of minutes, Nintendo reaffirmed its commitment to its fans and assured that there will be large quantities of SNES Classic Edition produced in stores in the United States.

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After the debut of the SNES Classic Edition, Nintendo of America released a press release promoting its new mini console and the games that comprise it, highlighting the never before released Star Fox 2, however, at the end of the statement the company mentions that it will ship more console units to the United States today.

In that sense, the press release states the following: "While Super NES Classic Edition is sure to be a hot commodity, Nintendo will ship more units of the system on launch day in the U.S. than were shipped of the NES Classic Edition system all last year."

Last year, Nintendo had underestimated the interest of players for this type of consoles and the shortage of NES Classic Mini had created some frustration among many players. This should not happen again for the Super NES as assured by Nintendo a few months ago.

The delivery of the SNES Classic Edition is currently scheduled from 29 September until the end of the calendar year 2017.

SNES Classic Edition debuts today and at this link, you can check out our review of this new mini console of Nintendo.

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