Mario + Rabbids Creative Director:” Nintendo Is A Shield, They Want To Know Everything And Play Everything”


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, developed by Ubisoft Milan exclusively for Nintendo Switch, is one of the most interesting Switch exclusives released this year. Initial reception when the game's existence was leaked wasn't particularly positive, but things changed considerably when the game was officially announced. In a brand new interview, Creative Director Davide Soliani talks about what it is like to work with Nintendo, and it seems like it's a very positive experience.

According to Soliani, the team established a very good relationship with Nintendo, becoming friends with people who work at the Japanese company. When it was about work, Nintendo was particularly picky, wanting to see and play everything. This, in particular, made Soliani and his team feel safe, as the company's feedback helped the game reach a certain level of quality.

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We established a very good relationship to the point where when we went to Japan for several days on a holiday, we would meet with the guys we work with from Nintendo, because we had become friends. But when it was about work, Nintendo were super picky. They wanted to know everything, and play everything. This was good, because it gives you a feeling that you are safe. They have over 125 years of lifetime, and they're giving you feedback with the expectation of a certain level of quality. So for me, Nintendo is a shield. It means we know we'll hit a certain level.

Davide Soliani also talked about the moment when reception changed at this year's E3, noting how Shigeru Miyamoto's presence on stage when announcing the game made a difference.

When we arrived at E3, I was there with the mood that maybe we can change the mindset of a few players, but we had the feeling that it might not work," Soliani recounts. "But everything changed from the conference on-wards, and not just because of the game. And for sure, not because of me. Having Miyamoto on stage was effectively having the father of Mario tell the audience that, if he's here, then it must be a quality game. Then the players played it. That's when we started to change the mindset.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is now out on Nintendo Switch.