[Updated: “New Interactive Experience”] Nintendo Related “Something” Inbound That Will Make the Internet “Explode Again”, Ubisoft Employee Teases

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Jan 17, 2018

[Update] Nintendo has just confirmed that it’s preparing a big Switch announcement tonight, at 10pm UK time. A “new interactive experience” for Nintendo Switch will be revealed, “specially crafted for kids and those who are kids at heart”, the Nintendo UK website reads.

[Original story] “Something” related to Nintendo is inbound in some days that will make the internet explode again, according to an Ubisoft employee.

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The tease comes from a lighting and 3d animator at Ubisoft Montreal, who goes by the name Ubi_PandoR0o (@TW_PhantomLord) on Twitter, who has worked on Ghost Recon Wildlands and the recent Switch title, Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle. According to his Twitter handle, he’s now working on a new project, and based on the Japanese name for Nintendo Switch in his Twitter name, this “something” might very well be Switch related.

“Something will happen in some days… please be sure to be ready for that #Nintendo”, he initially tweeted. When asked whether this is going to be something concrete or just a hype Tweet, the animator replied that it will indeed be something “concrete” although he or she can’t say more at this time.

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In a follow-up Tweet, the Ubisoft animator pointed out that he isn’t saying that the announcement is related to Ubisoft, but it will make the internet explode yet again.

“WARNING: I don’t say anything for the moment and I don’t say it’s related to Ubisoft [at the moment]”, he tweeted. “Something related to Nintendo is coming. Stay Tuned for more information in a few days. Internet is going to explode again!”

On social media, fans have been heavily speculating on what this “something” will be, and many believe that it will be related to either South Park or Steep for the Switch.

As always, we will keep you updated on this matter.