Nintendo 3DS: keep out of reach of children!

Nintendo stole this years E3 conference away by unveiling the Nintendo 3DS, the very first handheld device to display 3D images, 3D games and even 3D Movies all without the help of looking like a dork with 3D glasses. The people at E3 were among a few to actually see the 3DS in action and even got peeks at some of the games coming on them and one person even got to play a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake on the 3DS.

But now Nintendo recently stated that the 3DS may not be safe for children under the age of 7

"experts in the field [of 3D]". However, for children under the age of seven, using the 3D feature (which can be turned off on the 3DS to give standard, 2D gaming) should be avoided, because in children younger than seven "the muscles of the eye are not fully formed".

quite a shame really, I have seen children aged 6 and lesser playing with DSi and PSP's which means that Nintendo can count this handheld device to not be bought by parents who own kids below the age of 7 and this is not the only problem people with children may not buy the device at all, kids of today have a bad habit of picking up the newest toys their parents or siblings get, suppose a careless adult leaves the 3DS in the sight of a toddler to be used? it might cause permanent eye damage. Are you really willing to risk your toddlers eye safety just so you can enjoy Mario in 3D? better to wait till your son/daughter is atleast 8 before you even think about bringing one of these things to the house.

Source: t3 via Kotaku

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