Nintendo 3DS go 3-D without glasses.

Nintendo is setting a whole new standard in 3D, normally for viewing 3D images you need the help of stereoscopic glasses but Nintendo claims that their new handled gaming device the Nintendo 3DS will provide 3D images without wearing funny looking glasses in public. Along with that they also announced that the 3DS will have two cameras both of which will be capable of taking 3D pictures.

No pictures or videos are available of the Nintendo 3DS. Although a video of this in action would be really amazing (I don't think a camera would be able to show the 3D images properly anyway). But if this does turn out to be true then this means that 3D without glasses can finally be a reality, not only can you use the 3DS for games but you can also watch 3D movies on it. Throw in some good quality speakers and a good screen and you have a GREAT handheld device ready for the public.


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