NieR: Automata Rumored to be Making the Jump to Xbox One


NieR: Automata ended up, rather unexpectedly, being one of the biggest PS4 console exclusives of 2017. Automata didn’t get a lot of pre-release hype or attention, but upon launch it picked up glowing reviews and has gone on to sell over 2.5 million copies, a huge number for a niche Japanese RPG. All of a sudden, this game nobody had much faith in was regularly showing up in PS4 highlight reels.

Well, according to major French gaming site Jeuxvideo, NieR: Automata is making the jump to Xbox One. Square Enix and Sony never had any sort of exclusivity agreement, sticking to one console was simply a budgetary decision, and now that Automata is a bonafide success it seems a port is in the works. No word on whether the new version of Automata will include Xbox One X enhancements, but Square Enix is a strong supporter of the souped-up machine, so you have to imagine there will be.

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Of course, this is still a rumor, although the writer of the Jeuxvideo article took to Twitter to assure readers that he fully verified his source, and NieR: Automata on Xbox One certainly sounds plausible. So, maybe take this one with only half a pinch of salt.

Xbox One owners should definitely be excited about Nier: Automata potentially coming to the system. Wccf’s Kai Powell found it to be a truly unique, memorable experience in his review:

“NieR: Automata rewards long-time fans of Yoko Taro’s works with an experience that transcends any single genre. Although it might not be a perfect game, the sum of NieR: Automata’s unique storytelling meshed with Platinum Games’ style of action meld together into a title well deserving of being one of my personal Games of the Year, not for the story being told but rather how 2B’s story was told.”

NieR: Automata is currently available on PC and PS4.