Nier Automata Gets Impressive New Jump Festa ’17 Trailer

Francesco De Meo
Nier Automata

With Jump Festa 2017 well underway, Square Enix is taking advantage of the event to show most of its titles that will be released next year. The first one to launch next year on PlayStation 4 and PC is Nier Automata, and a brand new trailer has been made available earlier today.

The new Nier Automata trailer, which can be watched right below, showcase some of the game's characters and plenty of high-speed action that should make fans of Platinum Games quite happy.

Earlier this week, new details on the Nier Automata PlayStation 4 Pro support have emerged online thanks to a livestream hosted by Japanese magazine Dengeki. During the stream, producers Yosuke Saito and Eijiro Nishimura confirmed, among other things, that Nier Automata will run at native 1600×900 resolution, 60 FPS on the original PlayStation 4, with the PlayStation 4 Pro version sporting 1920x1080 resolution, sport better lighting, better effects, higher resolution shadows and better detail. No 4K support has also been confirmed.

Nier Automata launches on PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe in early March. The PC release date has yet to be confirmed, but we will let you know more about the matter as soon as an announcement comes in, so stay tuned for all the latest news on Square Enix's upcoming action role-playing game.


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