Nexus Prime makes appearance in teaser video

Syavash Pahore

Apple fans have got their fix with the iPhone 4S and launch and many are disappointed, but thankfully us Android junkies still have Google to look up to for the highly anticipated Google phone, the Nexus Prime. Just like the Nexus brought us Gingerbread last year, the Nexus Prime will be showcased at "Samsung Mobile Unpacked Event 2011" and will run ICS a.k.a Ice Cream Sandwich, the next big version of Android OS meant to combine Honeycomb and Gingerbread for a better experience. Now a new video has surfaced on Samsung's Youtube channel that teases a new phone coming at the upcoming event, it might just be the Nexus Prime considering what we have already heard and the big curved screen near the end. (The nexus prime is rumored to have a 1280 X 720p 4.6" screen) Whatever it is, we'll get to finally see it on October 11th at the event.

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