Nexus One Vs. Nokia Vs. Apple

Google is right now on the seventh heaven with the launch of Google's first attempt into hardware industry by launching [HTC Made] Google Nexus One. The Buzz is in the air and consumers are saving money to get their hands on the most talked about cell phone since iPhone.

The good news is that it is available in various variants ranging from $179 for locked with T-Mobile package plan to $529 UNLOCKED. Even at the price of $529, it is cheaper than most Nokia's flagship cell phones (N97, N96) or Apple's iPhone 3GS. Now this is what will worry Nokia and Apple the most. Google has a habit of keeping its products in Beta for a very long time but we think that it might not be the case with Nexus One. Within this year (2010) we will see another variant of Nexus One with better and added functionality.

There are ways in which Nokia and Apple can some what save themselves from the embarrassment of tossed around by Google's Nexus One and that is through coming up with better pricing. As for the Android OS itself, it has won accolades across the industry for being a very useful open source OS unlike iPhone or Symbian (which is open source but UI is terrible as compared to both iPhone and Nexus One). We will see developers devoting their efforts toward offering apps like crazy, more like when Apple released the SDK for iPhone.

This is a battle just started and there is no clear winner [there never will be] but what we have seen in the past 48 hours, since the launch of Nexus One, we can clearly predict a leader in the making, who will (and must) give Nokia and Apple run for their money.

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