Nexus One Now with Multitouch

Omer Saleem

Yes it is true, and probably it was true even before launch but Google wanted us, the fans, to find out that Nexus One is already capable of multitouch screen. Great going Google, this is why I love you [and not for being an ass in the China issue].


Although the latest revealed hack to the Android 2.1 OS give Nexus One browser the multitouch capability but we can see a rapid growth of multitouch enabled applications very soon. I suspect the first one to follow will be maps and then galleries. People were craving for this missing functionality and now, thanks to Xda-Developers now Nexus One users can have multitouch functionality in their browsers.

Here's a cool video for you to see for yourself that it is true

In case you are wondering, here is how you can enable multitouch in your Nexus One phone. Please note that we are neither endorsing nor encouraging your to modify the OS until an official Google release is made. This one is only for "dare devils" so try at your own risk.

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