Nexus One Coming Soon to AT&T

Yes, it is true again, FCC has approved not one but two Google Android based cell phones for AT&T 3G network. These phone(s) will be optimized to work on AT&T network in the US. Although no official confirmation has been provided by AT&T but keeping in view that T-Mobile got its hands first on the Nexus One, AT&T will not remain far behind.

Currently Nexus One can run on only 2.5G on AT&T but after this approval, HTC might have rethink the phone's configuration for running at its best on 3G provided by AT&T. Keeping in view the immediate issues Google and T-Mobile witnessed of 3G / Edge conversion, it will be a task to keep the phone stick to AT&T's 3G and not hop around between the two standards.

The FCC filing, as reported by shows that there were two models filed for approval. A model 99110 and 99100. Now Google's Nexus One is 99110 so there is another phone in the making by HTC for AT&T specific network as this is not the one which is approved for Vodafone in Europe.

We will wait and see in the next couple of months as if there is a deal being signed between Google and At&T, then might be a similar but custom AT&T Nexus One coming in pretty soon.

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