The Next Xbox Console Is Being Designed, Has A Codename – Rumor

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Jul 13, 2017

The Xbox One X, the new powerful X1 model officially unveiled at the E3, has yet to be released on the market, but it seems like Microsoft is already hard at work on the next Xbox console.

Windows Central’s Jez Corden recently revealed on his Twitter profile that the next Xbox console is already being designed.

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Apparently, the next console isn’t just being looked into. Work is well underway, with the new console having a codename.

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While work is underway, it’s obviously too soon to talk about a possible launch date. According to Jez Corden, the console will likely not be released by 2019.

The X1X will finally launch on November 7th in all regions. The console will be the most powerful console released so far.

Inspired by the sleek design elements of Xbox One S, now in black, Xbox One X is not only the most powerful console we’ve ever created, it’s also the smallest. Like the X1S, it includes a 4K UHD Blu-ray player, built-in power supply, three USB 3.0 ports (one in the front and two in the back), and IR blaster. It can be placed horizontally or vertically with an optional stand. For those who already own an X1S, all the cables you own will transfer over, with port locations designed to be an easy plug-and-play swap in your existing gaming setup.