Exclusive: Next Gen Laptops Featuring Intel 10th Gen CPUs And NVIDIA SUPER GPUs Launching In April

Usman Pirzada
Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Laptop With NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 GPU & Intel Core i7-13700H CPU Spotted 2

We were the first publication on the planet to inform you about the upcoming changes in NVIDIA's mobility lineup as well as the fact that Intel's 10th generation CPUs will be launching on the same date. Well, I have a small update on that front. Laptops featuring the brand new Intel/NVIDIA combo will be paper launched/announced on April 2nd and will be available to purchase by April 15th. This is going to be a rather short update, so dig in.

Next-generation laptops featuring Intel 10th Gen and NVIDIA SUPER lineup will launch on 2nd April, availability by 15th April

If you are on the market for a gaming laptop then you will want to wait for a couple of weeks for the next generation to land. Not only will this bring the price down for older variants, but it should allow you to purchase a much higher performance per dollar machine. Intel's 10th generation CPUs combined with brand new NVIDIA SUPER series are going to make for an excellent combination.

Laptop manufacturers should announce their new laptops on 2nd April (no prizes for guessing why they did not go with 1st April) and the sales embargo is scheduled to lift on the 15th of April. Keep in mind that Intel and NVIDIA may decide to move these dates around a bit to discredit the leak scene/and or genuine delays due to the Coronavirus situation. That said, our source is fairly confident that this is unlikely to happen and unless the situation with COVID doesn't drastically change for the worse, you will see these dates come to pass.

You can read in detail about our NVIDIA SUPER mobility exclusive over here and the Intel 10th generation mobility exclusive over here. Intel and NVIDIA are going for a combined launch so we will see both parts available at once. We will also have an update regarding the AMD Renoir situation shortly as well. It looks like April is shaping up to be the standard upgrade cycle for the laptop industry (barring any COVID 19 impact) and gamers would do well to wait just a few more weeks.

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