Newegg Cyber Monday Sale 2013 – Our Pick of The Top 5 PC Hardware Deals

Hassan Mujtaba

The Newegg Cyber Monday Sale for the year 2013 are now live and we have compiled our list for the top 5 PC hardware deals for you guys so check out and buy them as soon as possible since a couple of hours are left before the sale officially ends. Newegg has a bunch of hardware deals on the Cyber Monday Sale with hardware selling with upto 70% discounts.

Newegg Cyber Monday Sale 2013 - Top 5 PC Hardware Deals

Our writers have already provided you a great coverage on other Cyber Monday deals such as gaming consoles and gadgets which you can see in the list for yourself below:

Me being the hardware guy will provide you with a list of 5 PC hardware deals which i found the most interesting on Newegg Cyber Monday Sale. You can see the deals listed below:

The CPU Deals -

1 - Intel Core i5-4670K ($209.99 US) - The Best Gaming Processor

The Intel Core i5-4670K retailing for only $209.99 US is a good deal for gamers who are switching to the Haswell platform from an older generation. The processor packs Intel's 4th generation core architecture which improves the efficiency and IPC to deliver better performance.

Deal Link -

Runner Up - AMD A10-6790K APU (Cheaper with Power)

The AMD A10-6790K is a recent entry to the Richland A-Series lineup which is infact features the same specs as the A10-6800K but is around a 100 MHz slower than the flagship model which isn't a big deal. The HD 8670D in side the chip has a core clock of 844 MHz and 384 Stream processors which mean you can even play most of the current generation games without using a discrete graphic card.

For DOTA 2 and LOL fans, the A10-6790K translates into a cheaper LAN box gaming PC. It is selling for $99.99 US and even comes with FarCry 3 as a bundled title.

Deal Link -

The SSD Deals -

2 - Kingston HyperX 3K 120 GB SSD SATA 3 - Step Into The SSD Era

Our top SSD pick is without any doubt the Kingston HyperX 3K. Im currently using the HyperX 3K in my personal PC and i have to say since my switch from an HDD to SSD (operating systems) i have never looked back. SSDs are fast and deliver in better OS boot and application load times.

If you haven't switch to an SSD yet, make a switch now with the Kingston HyperX 3K which is retailing for an extremely good price of $79.99 US.

Deal Link -

Runner Up - Crucial M500 960 GB SSD - Terabyte of SSD For Under $500

Ofcourse, there are same people who already have a SSD in their PCs but are looking to expand with more space for their games, documents, movies, etc. The Crucial M500 960 GB SSD is on sale for $434.99 saving you $165 US.

Deal Link -

The GPU Deals -

3 - ASUS GTX 760 DirectCU Mini - An HTPC Builder's GPU

The ASUS GTX 760 DirectCU Mini was recently launched and is the most compact graphic card design we have seen yet. It packs the high-performance GK104 core with 2 GB VRAM giving extremely fast frame rates while the compact cooler provides excellent cooling and the size is a main attraction for the builder's planning HTPC setups. The card is selling for $249.99 US.

Deal Link -

Runner Up - PowerColor HD 7870 GHz - $159 For Ultra Fast 1080P Gaming

We wanted to add a high-end graphic card to our runner up list but unfortunately the deals were too good on them that all of those GPUs have been sold out.

Hence we will pick up the PowerColor HD 7870 GHz as a runner up to our list since it is selling for $159.99 which has faster performance than the $149 Radeon R7 260X, clocks well and runs cooler. The HD 7870 GHz is faster than all of the non-reference R7 260X designs which end up for a price of $159.99 hence its the fastest card for 1080P gaming at the price you are getting it.

Deal Link -

The Motherboard Deals -

4 - GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-UD5H - High-Performance Z87 Board

You may all have heard that Gigabyte is now the second leading motherboard manufacturer shipping over 21 million motherboards in 2013 just a million under the top dog ASUS who sold 22 million this year. This is a big win for Gigabyte and their quality product lineup which include high quality motherboards and graphic cards have let them achieve this feat.

The Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H is a high performance board who are looking forward to overclock their new Haswell chips like the one we mentioned above in our deals compilation. It retails for $179.99.

Deal Link -

Runner Up - ASRock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer - A Cheaper Z87 Board

I was looking for a deal on a decent FM2 or FM2+ solution which should go well with the AMD APUs but couldn't find any hence ill stick with Z87 with the runner up deal. The ASRock Z87 FATAL1TY is a decent board for its price with all the top of the line features of a high-end board and overclocking that's enough for the gamer. It retails for $119.99.

Deal Link -

The Extra Deals -

Our final deals for the day include products that mostly include the extra hardware components which you might find interesting for the prices during the Newegg Cyber Monday Sale 2013:

NVIDIA Shield - Portability Gone Wild and Powerful

NVIDIA Shield is green teams latest entry into the android powered world. Their device is a gaming console based around the android platform which you can take anywhere with you. You can stream games on the device from your PC and your TV via the console mode. Its an all-in-one solution and quite interesting one with the ability to not only play the android games at super smooth frame rates thanks to its Tegra 4 processor but also stream PC games such as Borderlands 2 and Metro Last Light. Amazing isn't it? and it retails for $249.99 during the deal giving you a $50 discount, a $40 carrying case, two bundled games and ships for free!

Deal Link -

Razer Ouroboros - An Ambidextrous and Customizable Lamborghini in the palm of your hands For $99.99

The title says it all and the price is even better, the only thing you don't get is the awesome casing that was only shipped with the review unit of this mouse like we did which you can see below:DSC05456 (Large)

Deal Link -

AZIO Levetron Mech5 KB577U Black - $59.99 For a Mechanical keyboard? Take my Money!

Deal Link -

Rosewill Mechanical Keyboard RK-9000BL - Built To last For $69.99

Deal Link

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