New Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer and Screenshots are Stunning


Monolith Soft has released a new story trailer as well as several new gorgeous screeshots for their immensely anticipated JRPG being released later this month in Japan, Xenoblade Chronicles X.

New Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer sets up a riveting story line with a rich atmosphere.

This new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X gives us a glimpse into the deep and compelling narrative we can expect. Right from the beginning it's action packed with a moving piano soundtrack. Monlith Soft is pulling at our heart strings here as they show us snippets of the key moments we might be able to participate in.

You don't need to be able to understand Japanese to understand the scale that Xenoblade Chronicles X is going for. Mira is a vast and dangerous place, after all. Take a look at these screenshots, showing off what I believe is translated as something to do with an end stage:

Nintendo's marketing plan has thus far been rather nice. Every so often there has been new screenshots or concept art explaining the different locales in game, as well as storie tie-in information that give us brief looks into the specifics of the game itself. They really mean to make Xenoblade Chronicles X into something great, and I have no doubt that they'll succeed give franchise they're working with and the talented people over at Monolith Soft. If you've historically enjoyed, or even now take pleasure in JRPG's, then you shouldn't be disappointed. Nintendo has a good track record for releasing polished games right from the beginning. All of this marketing should be leading up to something truly amazing.

Xenoblade Chonicles X will be available in Japan on April 29th 2015 with no release date set for the rest of the world. But I don't think we should have to worry, this is a franchise that has historically done quite well in Europe and North America.

Until we receive word on a NA and Europe release, revel in the greatness that the trailer and these screenshots are.