New WhatsApp Feature Prevents People From Bothering You


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps and we cannot overlook that fact, and there are a lot of features that are baked into make the user experience a lot easier and simpler. One of the features that are used all the time is the feature to mute chats for a specific time that you can choose when muting a chat. Normally, WhatsApp would give you the option to mute a chat anywhere ranging from 8 hours to a week. Which seems ample enough.

However, for some people, even that is not enough since they are always on the quest to mute some people for longer; this especially goes for those annoying WhatsApp groups that wouldn't stop sharing irrelevant and unnecessary content. Well, now WhatsApp has introduced a feature that will allow you to mute a chat forever, and yes, it is just as simple as that, but a very welcomed feature.

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WhatsApp Now Allows You to Mute Chats Forever, Saving a Lot of Time Muting People Again and Again

The feature was previously available on the beta version of the app, but now it is rolling out to both iOS and Android around the globe. The process of muting a chat remains the same as it was before. You simply have to open WhatsApp, long-press the chat that you want to mute, click on the mute icon, and then tap on "Always". In addition to muting individual chats forever, you can do the same to group chats. If you use WhatsApp Web client, you can access the feature by right-clicking on the chat, and selecting the "Mute Notification" option.

Considering how the feature is rolling out to everyone right now, you should be able to get access to it right away. However, in case you do not see that feature available on your phone, simply update your WhatsApp and you should be good to go.

WhatsApp is definitely doing the users justice by rolling out a good number of features. We recently heard about how audio and video calling might make their way to the web client as well, and now we are getting this feature which will surely improve the overall user experience by a notch.