FSR Integrated in RPCS3 Emulator; Magpie Tool Lets You Add It in Virtually Every Game

AMD FSR 2.0 To Bring Impressive Performance, Impressive Image Quality & Support Across GPUs From All Vendors Soon!

AMD FSR, the FidelityFX Super Resolution spatial upscaling technique, has now been integrated into RPCS3, the PlayStation 3 emulator for PC. The news came yesterday from the official Twitter account of the emulator.

RPCS3 is now the first game console emulator to support FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) Update to the latest RPCS3 build and try it out! You can enable it on Settings -> GPU

The FSR implementation of RPCS3 won't let you pick between different presets as you would in an officially supported game, though.

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None, we don't use presets, you choose the input and output difference yourself by adjusting rendering resolution and window size respectively.

As we just replied above, there's no percentage dial for the output resolution. The presets are unrelated to RCAS Sharpening Strength. If you have a 4K screen, just set Resolution Scale setting close to the "Input Resolution" values on the first table of the image above if you want to mimic FSR presets.

By the way, the makers of RPCS3 already confirmed the PS3 emulator will work on the Steam Deck, though the performance may not be ideal.

For those who yearn to activate FSR in (almost) every game, the open source tool Magpie, developed by Liu Xu and Steve Donaghy, promises to do just that. There are several zoom modes to pick from, from the traditional Lanczos to FSR, recommended for 3D games.

Magpie can enlarge any window to full screen, and supports a variety of advanced zoom algorithms, including Lanczos, Anime4K , FSR , FSRCNNX, etc.

Mainly used for the enlarged display of the game window, suitable for situations where the full-screen mode is not supported, or the built-in full-screen mode will blur the picture.

The program presets a variety of zoom modes, if they do not meet your needs, please customize the zoom.

  1. Lanczos: Common traditional interpolation algorithm, good at preserving sharp edges.
  2. RAVU: See About RAVU . This preset uses a zoom variant.
  3. FSRCNNX: A variant of FSRCNN. Excellent performance in various occasions.
  4. ACNet: A port of ACNetGLSL . Suitable for animation-style image and video enlargement.
  5. Anime4K: An open source high-quality real-time animation scaling/noise reduction algorithm.
  6. FSR: Suitable for 3D games.
  7. Pixels: Enlarge each pixel by an integer multiple to preserve the visual effect of the original image. Two magnifications of 2x and 3x are preset.

Should you wish to test AMD FSR injection through Magpie, you'll find a brief but informative installation guide below.

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