New Pokémon Snap Update Adds 3 Areas, Including a “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” Style Tour


New Pokémon Snap was generally well-received when it launched earlier this year, but it isn’t the longest or most substantial title in the world. Thankfully, the game will soon get a little bit bigger thanks to a free content update that adds three new areas and 20 additional Pokémon, including old favs like Psyduck and Snorlax. Perhaps the most interesting addition is the “Secret Side Path” level, which reduces players’ size “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” style so they can take pictures from a bug-eye level. You can check out a trailer for the New Pokémon Snap update, below.

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Here’s the official rundown on the three extra areas coming to New Pokémon Snap:

  • Secret Side Path (Day/Night) – The NEO-ONE shrinks to a tiny size when you explore this area, so the Pokémon you see will look gigantic! You can even hear their breathing and footsteps in this thrilling area, and you might spot new kinds of behavior from Pokémon you’ve seen before.
  • Mightywide River (Day/Night) – Mightywide River is a nurturing water source that provides the whole of Belusylva Island with sustenance. You’ll be conducting research as you ride down the river, so be on the lookout for rapids as you search for Pokémon, and keep your camera ready so you don’t miss capturing them in action.
  • Barren Badlands (Day/Night) – In this area, you’ll research the badlands of Voluca Island, where dry winds from the desert blow.​ This area has many peculiar features, from geysers to poisonous, gas-spewing swamps. Pokémon may be hiding underground or in the rocky cliffs, so keep your eyes peeled for them while you’re on your expedition.

Across the three new areas, players will find a variety of Pokémon, including those already familiar from players’ journey across the Lental region as well as 20 more Pokémon that couldn’t be found before.

New Pokémon Snap is available now on Nintendo Switch. The new content arrives on August 3.