New Mac Pro with Custom Apple CPU Hitting the Shelves in 2022, Up to 64 CPU Cores, 128 GPU Cores Expected in Top-End Model


The Mac Pro is the be-all, end-all for anyone who wants the best Macintosh experience. Currently, the latest and greatest Mac Pro can be configured with up to 24-core Intel Xeon-W CPU and an AMD Radeon Vega GPU. However, according to the latest rumor from an Apple leaker, Apple's next Mac Pro with a custom Apple CPU will start hitting the market in 2022.

The tip also suggests that the new Mac Pro will feature Apple's own custom CPU and GPU. This should not come as a surprise that Apple has been working on their own custom CPU and GPU for some time now, so it would be nice to finally see the new options finally hitting the market, considering how successful Apple has been M1 chip.

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Apple's Next Mac Pros Could Go as High as a 64-core Apple CPU and Cost a Whopping $18,999

The tip is coming from a Twitter user, LeaksApplePro, and they have some interesting insight to share on the upcoming Mac Pros. The tweet goes ahead and talks about three models that Apple will be releasing, and well, they are going to be expensive if you are looking to get the highest-end model.

According to the tip, the highest-end model will net you a 64-core chip with 48 performance cores, 512GB RAM, and 128 GPU cores. It will be priced at an insane $18,999. At the same time, the cheapest model is going to cost you just $5,599. Apple will also have another model in the middle of the road with 48-cores (36 performance), 256GB RAM, and 64 GPU cores for just $11,999.

Now, the thing that does not sit well here is that the price difference between all three Mac Pros is massive; for instance, the basic and the mid-range Mac Pro have a difference of $6,500. The highest-end and the middle range one have a difference of $7,000. Now, I am not an expert on Apple, but I feel like the difference is outrageous. In addition to that, the authenticity of the leak is also another concern that I have.

Therefore, we would highly suggest that you take this leak with a grain of salt.