New Knowledge Aims To Protect People From Social Media Manipulation – Will They Succeed?

social media manipulation

With the advent of social media, yes the world has become very connected but it also has introduced us to problems that are extremely scary. We used to fear being manipulated by our enemies but now we have a lot more to fear. Imagine being manipulated through ads, social campaigns, activists and religious groups via social media etc. Yes, my friends; social media manipulation is a thing.

The threat is real - the propaganda is real

You will be surprised to know that it is now very clear that Russia had waged a propaganda war to manipulated social media to divide the US citizens. Immigrants were targeted by Kremlin- backed trolls that posed as Black Lives Matter activists, fake pro-Muslim groups etc. all were made to interfere with our discourse. Millions of people were targeted via social media that included Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and Twitter.

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New Knowledge is a platform that claims to have understood this propaganda long before it was confirmed. They have technology that is designed to detect signs of social media manipulation. The company believes that in this era of social media, governments, corporations and politicians must defend themselves against this major threat and New Knowledge’s digital threat mitigation platform will help defend online communities from manipulation.

New Knowledge - 3 Principles

The platform has been designed on 3 principles: Community Discovery, Language Analysis and Security. The platform has network analysis algorithms that discover online communities, bots and any other signs of automation. This algorithm also identifies the accounts that can be or are influential in shaping conversations. Another thing that the company has done is that they have designed advanced language modeling techniques. These techniques evaluate conversations and check subtle changes in conversations. These changes can help you see that what messages and what topics are being forced onto you or on the communities you care about. When all this done you will be given early warnings of potential attacks so you can protect yourself and your teams/groups.

The company aims to create a world of social networking without the threat of social media manipulation. Do you think the company will succeed in this?

News Source: Introducing New Knowledge: Defending Public Discourse

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