New iOS Jailbreak Tweak Displays Exact Time When Notification Was Received

Remove iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak

A new jailbreak tweak has been released that forces iOS to show the exact time when a notification was received.

No More '1h ago' in Notifications with the ExactTime Jailbreak Tweak Installed

There will eventually come a point where you are required to find out when a particular notification was received. On iOS, things are a little odd in that regard. If your notification crosses the one-hour-old mark sitting in the Notification Center or lock screen, then you will see a blunt '1h ago' badge next to it, and it continues for every hour passed till a certain threshold is reached. Wouldn't it to be great if there was a way to see the exact time when a particular notification came through in the past few hours every single time? Well, thankfully, a jailbreak tweak called ExactTime replaces the stock '1h ago' with a proper timestamp.

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Compatible with iOS 10 only.

Shows the exact time of a notification instead of "1h ago".

Affects both the Notification center & the lockscreen banners.

No options to configure.

Once downloaded from the BigBoss repo in Cydia, you don't have to configure anything at all. You're good to go as soon as the package is downloaded and installed. But keep one thing in mind: the tweak is designed to work only on iOS 10, and it's a strict requirement. Users of iOS 9 or below are out of the action, for now at least.

The ExactTime tweak will work in two places: the Notification Center as well as the banners that you see on the lock screen. Basically, it works its magic in all the right places throughout iOS, so a big thumbs up to the developer for that.

In my honest opinion, I find the '1h ago' timestamp a little vague myself. If only there was a way to switch between the exact time or a rough estimate. There have been lots of instances where I wanted to see the exact time when a notification arrived, but could not, thanks to Apple's decision making process for iOS.

Now that ExacTime is here, we can all rest assured that our certain woes regarding iOS will go away. Let's just hope we see more tweaks like these in the near future that iron out even more eyebrow raisers from Apple's mobile OS.

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