New Halo Infinite Comparison From the 2nd Tech Preview Shows Very Impressive Visuals and Performance; Xbox One X Runs at 1440p@60FPS


The second Halo Infinite technical multiplayer preview has kicked off this weekend, and a brand-new Xbox comparison video has now been released, showing impressive visuals and performance.

The first technical preview launched back in July of this year, and following the launch of this flight, an Xbox platform comparison highlighted solid performance across basically all consoles except for the base Xbox One. Now another comparison has surfaced, and from the looks of it, the performance of the game has been improved by quite a margin on all platforms, although the 120FPS performance mode has been disabled on the Series S for this flight.

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Interestingly, however, is how the game runs on the Xbox One X – during the first flight, Infinite ran at 30FPS, but for this flight, it’s now possible to play the game in 1440p and 60FPS through the newly added performance mode on Microsoft’s last-gen console. Check out the new comparison below.

  • Remember: This comparison has been made with a version in development. The data provided could vary in future versions / updates.
  • Series S does not have a 120FPS performance mode in this Tech Preview. It is likely to be included again in future versions.
  • Xbox One X has added a performance mode. It is now possible to play at 1440p/60FPS with dynamic temporal reconstruction.
  • The framerate has improved considerably compared to previous versions on all platforms.
  • The quality mode of Series X and One X has better shadows, anisotropic filtering and greater geometry in the drawing distance.
  • Special mention to some textures. They have spectacular quality on all platforms, although higher resolution on OneX and X Series.
  • Some contact shades are only available in Series X.
  • The reflections have been created with SSR and cubemaps. Xbox One does not have SSR reflections.
  • We can still see some graphical bugs in the interface.
  • Loading times are almost 6 times faster on Series S/X.

Halo Infinite launches on December 8 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows 10 PCs. As said, the game’s second multiplayer test is currently underway, and 343 Industries has announced a third multiplayer flight for next week.