New Battlefield 4 Map Shown in Great Screenshots


DICE promised us that the release of Battlefield Hardline wouldn't mean that they're going to abandon Battlefield 4 completely. They said they would still develop new content, and it looks like they're delivering on that promise. A brand new map has been released to the Community Test Environment.

DICE is making good on their promise with Battlefield 4 and have seeded a new map into the Community Test Project.

And with the release of test elements comes screenshots to show off the newest potential addition to the Battlefield 4 stable of maps. Currently this map is very obviously in a test phase with little in the way of textures or any other details. This particular map is medium in size and has five capture points.

But the point of seeding this new map into their Community Test Environment is to get a response on the basic layout and the size. This is considered a "scale" test within DICE, and an employee was nice enough to explain precisely what they're looking for in the CTE subreddit.

“A scale test is the very first version of the map where we normally have the first playtest internally as a game team to test the Conquest map size, distances, and rough flag layout.”

So, then, they're looking to gain feedback on the general lay of the land so that they can perfect the larger elements before applying textures or anything else to it. I think that it's great that they're involving the community like they are, as Battlefield 4 is still a viable game to play on a daily basis. Battlefield 4 can still provide many hours of enjoyment and has the potential for many more if they continue with their improvements.