New Android Auto Update Overhauls the Settings Menu for an Easier Experience

Android Auto

There is no way to deny that Android Auto is not only famous but also happens to be very sought after. With that said, it is currently receiving a new update that brings a brand new user interface for the settings menu, along with the latest Google Play Services update. The updated UI does bring a number of design changes along with new interface elements.

The purpose of this change is to make it easier for everyone to connect their devices with their car. For those wondering, Android Auto version 5.5.602944 along with Google Play Services version 20.30.19 are now rolling out and you should be able to see a number of changes that are going to be good for everyone who is on Android Auto.

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The Latest Android Auto Update is Going to Make it Easier for Users to Connect to Their Vehicle, New UI Changes Also Introduced

The new update was spotted by a Reddit user, and we have attached a few screenshot showing what has changed.

Android Auto
Android Auto

The main Android Auto settings page now gives you a very distinct "Connect a car" button that allows the users to have an easier experience when it comes to connecting their cars and setting it up with their devices. In the older version, this option was along with the rest of the settings, which would confuse a lot of people, especially when you are trying to connect your car in a hurry.

Simply put, the purpose behind this Android Auto update is to make things easier for everyone who is tired of using the older and clunkier UI. I know it sounds like a very minor thing but a lot of the times, users get tired of more and more strenuous ways. Therefore, this update is definitely going to help you achieve the seamless experience you are looking for.

With that said, the update is currently rolling out and should be available on all devices soon.

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