Never Miss A Bus or Train Stop With This Upcoming Feature In Google Maps


Ever travelled on a train or a bus and missed your stop because you fell asleep? Or maybe toured a new city and missed your stop? Well, we have all been there at least once in our lifetime, right? Sometimes as a navigator on public transportation it becomes challenging to keep track of where to get off. Amidst all the hustle inside these modes of commute, passengers can find themselves confused when travelling to a new place. Fret no more, as Google Maps has got your back.

A report from Tech Crunch states that Google is working on bringing a new feature to Google Maps that will tell users when its time to deboard a train or bus. Now, you must be wondering how that's gonna work, right? Well, Google Maps will provide you with real-time updates when you are en route, it will simply tell you when you have arrived at your stop. Basically, the app will take up the task and let you chill while you travel without any worry.

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Google Maps transit stops

Just as we see in all the new features that debut on Google Maps, this one is also user friendly and pretty useful. To use the feature, users just need to fire up Google Maps app and select their mode of transport, after that Google takes care of the rest. It will offer real-time updates while the user is walking or riding. The best part of the drill is that users not required to keep the Google Maps open for receiving updates. It will show updates in the notifications even on the lock screen to keep the user in the loop.

To sum it all, Google has just made it easier for us to travel in public transit without worrying about the stop. For now, Google has not revealed when it is going to make the feature live, but Tech Crunch notes that the company may have rolled out test updates.