Netflix Could Stop Password Sharing and Force You to Make Your Own Account

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Netflix can easily be called one of the most popular video streaming services available, and it requires you to pay for the content you stream. The Netflix plans are not that expensive, so you do not have to worry about paying a lot of money. Even though Netflix has increased the past prices, it is still not something that will warrant an outcry from the users.

Netflix Wants You to Get Your Own Account Instead of Borrowing it From Someone.

However, according to the latest tip, it seems like Netflix is working on finding a new way to prevent password sharing between separate households. A common thing Netflix users do is that share passwords with their friends or trusted acquaintances. While Netflix does allow password sharing, the terms of services clearly state that this password/account sharing is only for people within the same household.

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The tip also suggests that a number of Netflix account holders are receiving the following message every time they are attempting to stream content.

If you don't live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching.

This is what the warning message reads, and once that is displayed, you are prompted to verify the account with an email or a text verification code. Now, of course, you can still go ahead and verify it with a text message and ask the owner of the account to give you the code once it arrives on their phone, but at the moment, we are not clear if this message is appearing based on the IP addresses or some other measure.

As I said before, Netflix's terms of service prohibit password sharing with people outside their households, but this has not stopped the users from doing so. Last year, Netflix talked about how they do monitor password sharing, but at that time, they did not announce any plans on taking action against this.

With that said, the Netflix plans are very accessible; for starters, the $8.99 is for the basic plan that only allows a single device to stream, while the $13.99 is for streaming on two devices. If you want to go more, you can get the $17.99 plan that allows for streaming on up to four devices.

There is no word about how hard Netflix will be cracking down on password sharing, but we will keep you posted as there is more information.

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