NBA 2K16 Pre-Order Benefits Revealed, Play 4 Days Early

Alright basketball fans, listen up, there are some potentially lucrative pre-order benefits that have been revealed by 2K games, not the least of which is the chance to play it 4 days before anyone else.

NBA 2K16

Pre-order NBA 2K16 and get currency, emerald and gold booster packs and a chance to play 4 days before anyone else.

2K Games is referring to this as their Early Tip-Off Weekend deal, which gives some benefits to those that pre-order the game. They're offering a chance to get 10,000 of the in-game currency, and you'll be a MyTEAM VIP, which nets you 3 Emerald Packs or a Gold Booster Pack, depending on what platform you buy it for.

  • 10,000 Virtual Currency (VC);
  • MyTEAM VIP Package:
    • New-Gen & PC - 3 MyTEAM Emerald Packs each with a guaranteed Emerald player;
    • Prior-Gen - MyTEAM Gold Booster Pack with Guaranteed Gold Player and 4 additional Gold items.

Early access means that it'll be open to play on September 25th instead of the 29th, a full four days to improve your game before competing with the rest of the world.

Pre-ordering generally doesn't bring much value to a game, and at times you're left with something you don't actually enjoy but weren't able to find out until it launched. It's a conundrum brought on by copious amounts of hype, marketing and sometimes a willingness to believe in a particular series. Though there are sometimes benefits pre-ordering that might be worth it, though those are few and far between these days.

Early access to a game doesn't seem to be much of a benefit in today's world of Steam Early Access, open betas and better communication from some developers. It's almost something we expect, to play games and help improve them. The NBA 2K series, however, has generally been a safe series in that the general gameplay remains the same, and small improvements and additions are made to each release.

Quite frankly, they'd be better off using an MMO model by releasing a base game and just continually pushing updates as more content is available. The micro-transactions might actually make more sense and be a bit more acceptable in this case. But, regardless, NBA 2K16 is likely to be just as popular as its predecessors, far more than you'd expect too.

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