Naughty Bear: Unleash the gruesomely cute killer inside you


Ever played Rockstar's famous "Manhunt" game series? tired of boring humans killing each other in brutal ways? want something different, something cute? YET brutal? Meet Naughty Bear. He will teach you everything you know on how to kill the cute and cuddly teddy bears around him in the most brutal of ways.

Basically the game is Manhunt except instead of the location being in broken down buildings or horrible parts of town you are in every child's fantasy world of what a town of bears (teddy bears) looks like and everyone in the town is obviously a teddy bear. You play "Naughty Bear", a bear who is made fun of by the local townspeople, his motto is don't get mad get killing. So you use a variety of environmental weapons at your disposal such as campfires, fusing electric box's to bring your victims out of their house and even throwing your enemies into a giant candy mixing machine. You can also use other weapons such as bear traps, knives and even the ever popular choice of the fireaxe.

Don't be fooled by the childish looking graphics had the stuffing actually been blood believe me this game would have a much higher rating (when it does get one), although the game was supposed to be out on June 2010 I still haven't found a review of this game anywhere on the net, you can unleash the power of Naughty Bear on your Microsoft XBOX 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3

This is a multiplayer video demonstrating the various funny yet violent online gameplay of the game.