myDialer lite replaces your stock Android dialer with a fully featured one


For many, including myself, stock Android is the only form of UI customization that's preferable. It's fast, it's sleek and it's almost completely bug free. However that being said, perhaps the only downfall of the stock UI is the incredibly inane dialer that comes with it. It's slow, it lags and worst of all offers no speed dialing of any kind. And the replacements in the Android Market aren't any better either. The only reason why I would ever prefer a custom UI such as Sense or Touch Wiz is solely because of their dialers that do a much better job than the stock version. Thankfully for us, a user by the name mozarcik at XDA has come up with a perfect replacement.

The app in question is mydialer and it comes in a free and a paid version, the paid offering more features. It doesn't throw in a kitchen sink, which to be honest is the downfall for most great apps, but rather improves upon the stock dialer. It's extremely fast, fully skinnable and offers searching of contacts by part of their name/number. The full version, according to the developer offers:

  • -swipe gestures on contacts (and option what to do after swipe) and keyboard
  • -option to choose action after click on contact
  • -speed dial
  • landscape mode
  • -close after call
  • -setting of sorting the list
  • -and more

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You can download the app from the android market