Multiplayer gameplay of Modern Warfare 3 shown live at XP 2011

Call of Duty XP 2011 is happening right now and a video has already hit YouTube showing famous Machinima Director "tebjz" playing a game of domination, while this is just the beginning of more footage to come you can count on many more details to come pouring in within minutes.

Call of Duty XP 2011 is live right now and machinima director "tebjz" is one of the first few people to upload the first of many series of footage to follow showing Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, with the footage lasting only a minute and a half we see the return of many missing weapons from Call of Duty 4 and a whole lot of new things too. Could this be the ultimate Call of Duty game?!

As you can see from the game play there are many things you can miss on your first watch with the most important being the killstreak notifier on the bottom right of the screen, if you look carefully after acquiring the UAV it is counting his kills to 5 indicating how many kills he needs to get his predator missile. This is an amazing addition to the game and is useful if you are going for the higher kill streaks, I know for certain it would be very useful in Modern Warfare 2 for helping players count down to the nuke but at least its a great feature!

You can go to the directors channel HERE and see many more videos as they come.

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