MSI Releases Their Prestige Line To Support Creators In Need Of A Clean, Powerful Notebook

Alex Casas

MSI taps into the spirit of exploration and creativity by designing the greatest laptop collection- Prestige Series to keep pushing creative boundaries. After the compelling launch of the carbon gray Prestige 14 & Prestige 15, Now It's time to let its pure white version to ignite your inspiration by its pure power and take flight and create timeless moments in life.

Ultra-High Quality Craftsmanship To Go Along With The White Finish

Crafted in an ultra-light and slim aluminum chassis, the Prestige 14 is made portable and stylish wherever you go. High-performance creator laptops should also have extraordinary designs. The premium Prestige 14 is specifically made for creators, its pure white outer casing is a symbol for the origin of inspiration and a new beginning as if sparking an artist's infinite creativity on a piece of blank paper. The minimalist design not only looks professional and stylish but also reflect tranquility and elegance.

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Creating a simple, pure white casing is the biggest challenge for designers. The surface treatment involves a great deal of work; unlike the pearl white shell with the obvious luster in the past, the white case of the Prestige 14 pursues the veiled flawless white with elegance. “It is harder than you can imagine,” said Chungbi Lee, the lead designer of MSI laptop. He explained how difficult it is to master white in texture. For instance, the common anodizing of aluminum alloy cannot achieve the perfect white effect. After extensive testing and thorough consideration, the decision was made to use the high-temperature baking finish from the auto industry. As for the consumers, the standard of visual and tactile experience is much higher than other colors.

Features a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor For Maximum Performance

In this regard, MSI has strengthened the dust and anti-fouling test in the laptop and applied a three-layer coating on the surface of the casing to prevent yellowing. Unlike other colors, where the testing is usually done in the laboratory, MSI tests these new white based on real-life scenarios, such as exposure under the sun for a long period of time and examines anti-scratch and durability by countless experiments. It took designers several months just to achieve the perfectly smooth touch of white chassis.


Despite it's time-consuming, high cost of labor to design a pure white laptop, MSI’s designers still determined to pursue the ultimate pure white chassis allowing users to fully express their characters through its low-profile simplistic design. Underneath the aesthetic white chassis shows that Prestige 14 is a refined laptop with multiple traits. The Prestige 14 features the latest 10th Gen. Intel Core i7 processor, delivering heavyweight performance and lightweight portability that will always keep you in the flow, wherever you go. The 6-core processor speeds up the creative software, enabling on-the-go creators to blitz through demanding tasks faster than ever before.

Designed for on-the-move creators, the 10-hour long-lasting battery ensures non-stop creativity. Moreover, with the MSI's exclusive color calibration technique, Prestige 14 is also the master of reproducing the original color on its True Pixel Display. With the best performance and minimalist white chassis design, Prestige 14 promises to provide the pure professional technology for creators to focus on passionate creation.

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