MSI Prepares Twin Frozr V Cooler For Next Generation Graphics Cards – Feature Propeller Blade Fan Design

It looks like MSI is preparing their next Twin Frozr cooling design dubbed as the Twin Frozr V for next generation of graphics cards. Computerbase took pictures of the prototype that was being showcased by MSI at Computex 2014.MSI Twin Frozr V GPU Cooler

MSI Prepares Twin Frozr V Cooler For Next Generation Graphics Cards

The MSI Twin Frozr cooler has come along way since its initial introduction in 2009 with the GeForce 200 series graphics cards. Since then, the cooler has evolved and we have seen four iterations of the design starting off the original Twin Frozr, Twin Frozr II, Twin Frozr III and the most recent Twin Frozr IV coolers. This year, MSI's going to introduce the fifth iteration of the Twin Frozr family, known as the Twin Frozr V which will be adopted by next generation graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA.

Just like its predecessors, MSI's Twin Frozr V will continue with the dual fan scheme adopting two 100mm PWM fans with propeller blade technology. The cooler shroud has been updated and looks a lot similar to the Tri-Frozr Lightning from MSI. The color scheme is hard to tell since this is just a prototype of the cooler. The past Twin Frozr coolers have featured Silver (Twin Frozr I), Silver / White (Twin Frozr II), Silver / Black (Twin Frozr III) while the current Twin Frozr IV variants include the Red / Black (Twin Frozr Gaming), Blue / Black (Twin Frozr Legacy), Yellow / Black (Twin Frozr Lightning) and Yellow / Black / Silver (Tri-Frozr Lightning).

The Twin Frozr V cooler makes use of a dense aluminum fin array which is quite large and hints that this design would be incorporated on the high-end graphics cards. Six aluminum heatpipes run through the copper base and into the aluminum fin array to dissipate heat from the nockel-plated copper core contact base. There are actually two sets of heatsink which are interconnected via the heatpipes, the front section cools the GPU core and memory while the other section of the heatsink will offer cooling to the electrical components such as the VRMs, PLL, MOSFETs and other power circuitry.

With Twin Frozr IV, MSI introduced new technologies such as Propeller Blade and Dust removal tech along with larger heat dissipation, etc. Its possible that the MSI Twin Frozr V cooler would also introduce some new tech as far as design is concerned and new fan profile management. AMD and NVIDIA are already preparing their new graphics cards. Green team is busy with their highly efficient Maxwell GPU architecture will will launch as the GM204 sometime in 2H 2014 while AMD is working on their Volcanic Islands GCN 2.0 architecture which will include Tonga, Maui and Iceland GPUs. The high-end graphics cards from the companies would adopt the new cooling design to offer better thermal and customized PCB that offer more value and performance to users, enthusiasts and overclockers.

MSI Twin Frozr V GPU Cooler Pictures:MSI Twin Frozr V GPU Cooler Heatsink MSI Twin Frozr V GPU Cooler Heatsink 2

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