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MSI to Release Optix MPG27C Curved 144Hz Gaming Monitor with PrismSync 1440P and 1080P 144Hz


MSI and SteelSeries have once again paired up to work on the newly launched Optix MPG series curved gaming monitors, which are now supported by SteelSeries Engine. This tool is used for alerts, like cooldown timers, stats and the tool is even robust enough for Discord notifications. By using 5 different RGB zones in the front on the monitor you can program lighting effects at your whim.

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The new Optix MPG series will include two 27-inch monitors the Optix MPG27C and Optix MPG27CQ. These will be some of the better MSI gaming monitors with a curved VA panel with a 1800R curve. Both models feature a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, for the best gaming experience in FPS's fighters, RTS and racing games. The MPG27CQ is equipped with a 1440p WQHD screen, while the MPG27C has a 1080p screen. The MPG27CQ was named a CES 2018 Innovation Award Honoree.

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"The integration of SteelSeries Engine with the Optix MPG Series Curved Gaming Monitors brings PrismSync Illumination and real-time game alerts which offer an even greater level of immersive gameplay. MSI and SteelSeries are delivering a truly immersive experience to gamers,"

Joseph Hsu - MSI President

 "SteelSeries is proud of the strong partnership that we continue to build with MSI and we are excited to bring the gaming community new types of immersive technology like this."

Ehtisham Rabbani - SteelSeries CEO,

With a viewing angle of 178 degrees, less blue light and anti-flicker this monitor should be a strong candidate for gaming at any time day or night. Although frowned upon by many hardcore gamers this monitor includes a built in FPS sight toggle on screen.

MSI uses a curved panel with the curvature rate of 1800R which many suggest is the most comfortable and suitable for a wide rang of application from general computing and productivity work to gaming.

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MSI has not given a concrete release date nor pricing.