MSI GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING Z Features Faster Clocks Than The GAMING X variant – Uses Similar Cooling Solution For Optimum Temperature Control


The MSI GTX 1080 GAMING Z version from the Taiwanese manufacturer happens to be the fastest GTX 1080 variant from the company, surpassing the GAMING X version. Let us dive into the details as to how the GAMING Z version differs from the other one in clear cut detail.

MSI GTX 1080 GAMING Z Variant Sports An Attractive Cooling Solution With RGB Backplate For Increased Aesthetics

The new GPU will be taking advantage of the company’s own TWIN FROZR VI thermal design, which will effectively allow enthusiasts to take advantage of lower temperatures for a higher overclocking value, but this will also depend upon the ambient temperature too. In addition, MSI has decided to make you the center of attention amongst your PC enthusiast crew thanks to the eye-catching TWIN FROZR cooler with a fiery red GAMING glow piercing through the cover, along with the MSI GAMING dragon RGB LED on the side that can be set to any of 16.8 million colors to match your gaming rig.

Furthermore, MSI has incorporated a custom 10-phase PCB design using Military Class 4 components with an 8+6-pin power connectors that enables higher overclocking performance. Since the custom designed cooler adds more weight to the desktop GPU, the GTX 1080 GAMING Z version also sports a black solid metal back plate gives the card more structural strength, along with a nice finishing touch. The backplates are present at the rear side and beneath the custom cooler to evenly distribute the heat generated by the components.

If you take a look at the details below, MSI’s GTX 1080 GAMING Z model features a higher GPU clock speed that the GAMING X version, as evidenced by VideoCardz. While no details have been provided regarding the clock speeds for the Silent and GAMING mode, the OC mode is running the GPU at a higher clock speed compared to the GAMING X version (1708MHz base/1847MHz boost). Looking at these details, it is obvious that the GAMING Z variant will be featuring memory clock speeds than the less powerful GPU, but that also gives MSI the chance to charge a higher price tag for the price.

On Overclockers UK’s website, the prices of both GPUs have been listed below:

  • MSI GTX 1080 GAMING Z: £755.99 (approx. $980.29)
  • MSI GTX 1080 GAMING X: £679.99 (approx. $880.79)

If you want to take a look at the detailed specifications of the GAMING Z version, we have listed them below.

Specifications Details

  • CUDA cores: 2560
  • Video Memory: 8GB GDDR5X
  • Memory Bus Width: 256-bit
  • GPU base clock speed: 1771 MHz
  • GPU boost clock speed: 1911 MHz
  • Memory clock speed: TBA
  • PCI Express 3.0
  • Display Outputs: 3 x DisplayPort 1.4, 1 x HDMI 2.0b, 1 x DL-DVI
  • HDCP Support: Yes
  • Recommended Power Supply: 500W and requiring auxiliary power from one 8-pin and one 6-pin connector

Do you guys feel that the asking price is justified? Let us know your thoughts right away.